There is an ever-growing body of scientific evidence about complementary and alternative approaches with regards to healthy joint function. Consumers are looking for wholesome ways to support a normal pain and inflammation* response without compromising long-term health.  In fact, the National Institute of Health recommends the following strategies to help individuals cope with pain and inflammation as it relates to joint health with the goals of controlling pain, improving joint function, maintaining normal body weight and achieving a healthy lifestyle:

  •  exercise
  • weight control
  • pain relief techniques and alternative therapies like acupuncture, cupping, chiropractic care, etc.

In an effort to complement these strategies, Bluebonnet has introduced the newest member of the Targeted Choice® Whole Food-Based Line…

Bluebonnet’s Targeted Choice® Pain and Inflammation* Support Capsules are specially formulated with a unique blend of sustainably harvested or wildcrafted herbal extracts, such as CurcuWin® (46x more bioavailable turmeric root extract) and ApresFlex® (52% more bioavailable, patent-pending boswellia gum resin extract) and other complementary nutrients. This whole food-based formula is vegan, free of most allergens, non-GMO and kosher-certified, which is important for those who are looking for a truly wholesome solution to help joints recover from the rigors of intense exercise or other physical stressors that can often lead to temporary pain and inflammation. Offering real solutions that work, Bluebonnet’s nutritional scientists made sure this formula contained scientifically relevant/meaningful quantities of each complementary ingredient.♦

This new formula offers a complementary blend of nutrients in scientifically-substantiated potencies to optimize joint comfort by:

  • Supporting a healthy inflammatory response*
  • Reducing cellular damage/oxidative stress caused by free radicals ♦
  • Protecting the structural integrity of the joints ♦
  • Modulating the release of pro-inflammatory and/or pain markers, such as neutrophils, histamine, and enzymes like COX-2 and 5-LOX*♦

Key Product Attributes

  • Whole food-based joint comfort formula ♦
  • Scientifically substantiated potencies
  • Vegan / vegetarian
  • Incorporates patented, branded ingredients backed by clinical research:
    • Curcuwin® – a turmeric root extract that is 46x more bioavailable than standard turmeric
    • Apresflex® – a potent and fast-acting boswellia gum resin extract that is 52% more bioavailable than standard boswellia
  • Kosher certified
  • Non-GMO†
  • Free of most allergens (e.g., soy, gluten & milk)

♦ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
† The Made with Non-GMO Ingredients seal guarantees that the dietary and other ingredients in these formulas are derived from sources that have not been genetically modified using modern biotechnology.