I know, I know, organic greens in guacamole…is that even a thing? Does that even go well together? Well, don’t knock it ‘til you try it!

Veggies are one of the food groups that my kids, and even my husband, struggle to get into their daily diet. I’m sure we can all relate here! I really love sneaking veggies into my kids’ (and my husband’s, if I’m being honest) meals and they don’t even know! For example, this delicious OrganicGreens Guacamole is the perfect way to add an extra boost of nutrients like fiber, vitamins and minerals to their diet. It really is surprisingly delicious and super easy to make!

Check out the simple recipe below and let us know what you think! Post on social media and share with us how you gave it a twist. Did you spice it up? Did you squeeze a lime instead of a lemon? And did your family even notice?!


  • 1.     Add 1 scoop of Bluebonnet’s SuperEarth® Organic Greens Powder to 2 diced avocados
  • 2.     Season with garlic salt, pepper, and flax seeds
  • 3.     Mix thoroughly
  • 4.     Squeeze half a lemon on top and voila!